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Primal Rage 2 is a fighting game that was supposed to release around 1997 according to the final year listed on the games title screen during the attract mode. This game was canceled by Atari Games before it was fully finished. The only version that has surfaced right now is called Version 0.36A with the A probably meaning alpha. There is another version which is the final lab version of the game however that has not surfaced in any way as in no pictures, videos, or a dump of the roms. The only thing we know is that it exists from one of the game developers.


Time has moved for years and the gods where still raging without a winner. The gods kept on fighting and the continents again re arranged. The gods where accompanied by a god who decided to stay out of the first rages named Slashfang. They all started to rage for dominance of the new Urth which is now becoming much different than before. The gods would never notice the great fire or the meteor would be an egg that holds the beast of ultimate destruction, Necrosan. Necrosan is the god of darkness and he will imprison the other gods. The other gods with no other option chose humans to represent them. These humans were given the gods power and they became known as the avatars. These avatars were able to transform into the Dino-Gods for a sort time. They are there to conquer all of Urth and defeat Necrosan and free there Dino-God so they may rule the Urth.

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The Urth (Stages)

In Primal Rage 2 the Urth looks different. This is known in the games endings as Neo Urth. Neo Urth is in the shape of a human skull and is actually the opposite side of the Urth. The Urth does however turn around in the single player arcade ladder after conquering Neo Urth, I will refer to this as Old Urth on this site as the game calls it the old continent so Old Urth is good in my book. This is actually closed at first and opens up when the player defeats all of the Dino-Gods. Upon doing this the skull will open revealing the fireball of the T-Rex skull on Old Urth as the final battle between the player and Necrosan. Below you will see images of the 3 versions of the Urth, click on the image or click the stages name underneath the image in order to learn more about the stage.

Neo Urth

Image Map
Xiao Ming's Pad | Abandon All Hope | Malyssa's Altar | Shank's Maze | Keena's Cove | Blizzard's Haven | Tor's Crystal Place | Arik's Seawall

Old Urth (Closed)

Image Map
Xiao Ming's Pad (Slashfang Fight) | Abandon All Hope (Sauron Fight) | Blizzard's Haven (Blizzard Fight) | Tor's Crystal Place (Armadon Fight)

Old Urth (Opened)

Image Map
Necrosan's Soul

Stages not pictured on map: