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Name: Diablo
Gender: Male
God of: All Evil
Avatar: Sinjin
Side: Destructive Dinos
Turf: Abandon All Hope
Color: Red and Black
Worshiper Clothing: N/A
Diablo is a playable character in Primal Rage 2. He returns from his role in Primal Rage 1. Diablo has been given some new normals to further distinguish him from Sauron. Diablo also has all of his moves, he just had his torch incorperated into his grab instead of it being its own move. Diablo is the most unfinished of the playable cast in the game he doesn't even have a proper winning animation for when he conquers.

Win Quotes:

Primal Rage 2 has win quotes for each character. These are all of Diablo's win quotes:

Special Moves:

Symbol Legend:

HQ: Button 1 | HF: Button 2 | HP: Button 3 | LQ: Button 4 | LF: Button 5 | LP: Button 6 | U: Up | F: Forwards | D: Down | B: Backwards
So for direction UF means "Up-Forwards", DB mean "Down-Backwards", etc.


Moves shared across all of the characters in Primal Rage 2.

Rage Morphs

These are the Rage morphs that a character can use when the Rage meter is full.

Character Specific:

These are the moves unique to Diablo.




Diablo has no ending in the ROMs. This is due to the games unfinished nature.