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Game: Primal Rage 2

Name: Diablo's Inferno (Unofficial Name)

Owner: Diablo

Apart of Mainland: Unknown

This is an unused and unfinished stage in Primal Rage 2. It was found by the YouTube user GreenGeode when he was taking a look at the graphics files for Primal Rage 2. The stage has no text for it in the games files, where I found the text for the other stages, and as such I just called it Diablo's Inferno. Diablo's Inferno looks to be a rocky area with jagged rock formations that look like daggers. Tanks can be seen in the background as well as a commercial jet. The stage also has a giant cracks in the background making areas where there may be magma or lava spewing out, fire could also come out sort of like in Abandon All Hope. The stage is not listed anywhere in game and at the moment no true palette has been found in the game. GreenGeode made his own palette based on the stage's looks which was a hellish red which does go well with the stage.

Below is a video created by GreenGeode which showcases a recreation of what Diablo's Inferno might have looked like.