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Name: Vertigo
Gender: Female
Goddess of: Insanity
Avatar: Malyssa
Side: Destructive Dinos
Turf: Malyssa's Altar/Vertigo's Altar
Color: Teal with Blue Stripes
Worshiper Clothing: N/A
Vertigo is a playable character in Primal Rage 2. She returns from her role in Primal Rage 1. Just like in Primal Rage 1, she has the longest reach of all of the characters in the game, with her Scorpion Sting taking up a large part of the screen. She is still heavy on zoning, with some new normals that can help with some new ranges as well. However due to the game being unfinished Vertigo is missing some of her signiture moves from Primal Rage 1 like her Voodoo Spell.

Win Quotes:

Primal Rage 2 has win quotes for each character. These are all of Vertigo's win quotes:

Special Moves:

Symbol Legend:

HQ: Button 1 | HF: Button 2 | HP: Button 3 | LQ: Button 4 | LF: Button 5 | LP: Button 6 | U: Up | F: Forwards | D: Down | B: Backwards
So for direction UF means "Up-Forwards", DB mean "Down-Backwards", etc.


Moves shared across all of the characters in Primal Rage 2.

Rage Morphs

These are the Rage morphs that a character can use when the Rage meter is full.

Character Specific:

These are the moves unique to Vertigo.




At long last, Vertigo remains as the sole power to rule over Neo Urth. She had long dreamed of this day in her old prison on the moon. She never could have imagined how the ancient ancestors of the furry little humans could have created such incredible cities and monuments. Oh the power of the spells they must have cast! She enslaved the population of Neo Urth and forced them to cast the mighty spells from ancient tomes of knowledge. Those who failed to deliver where eaten by Vertigo herself! In time, the spells became too powerful for even Vertigo to control! The furry men were flying through the skies like gnats, and even to the moon! Vertigo eventually fled with the help of ther spells to a small moon near Jupiter.