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Game: Primal Rage 2

Name: Blizzard's Haven

Owner: Kaze and Blizzard

Apart of Mainland:
Neo Urth: Yes
Old Urth: Yes

Kaze and Blizzards stage is Blizzards Haven. Unlike the other stages Blizzards looks more like his PR 1 stage. Again the stage takes place in what appears to be the Himalayas and there is snow all over. The stage has a giant ape face in the mountain in the background to the left which is more rock than snow unlike the first game. Small towers looking Japanese in style stuck out in the background as well and are accompanied by mountain ranges and small mountains in-between the background and the battleground.

How Blizzard's Haven looks on Neo Urth
How Blizzard's Haven looks on Old Urth
How Blizzard's Haven looks in game