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Primal Rage is a fighting game created in 1994 by Atari Games. The game is kind of like Mortal Kombat but with dinosaurs. The game play is very similar to what Street Fighter is like. The game uses a succession combo system in order to perform the combos in the game going from weaker normals to heavier normals into a special.


During the ancient times there where 7 beasts who ruled the land these beasts where known as the Dino-Gods. The Dino-Gods represented hunger and survival, life and death, hunger and decay, and of course good and evil. The Earth was primitive and life was complex with instincts of survival in mind. A constant balance had to be made by the gods and that this balance helped the Earth evolve to have much more complex creatures and soon civilizations. Soon however the balance was disrupted by a man named Balsafas who say the threat the gods where to the rest of the universe and decided that they must be stopped so he took out the god he knew he could fight the goddess of insanity Vertigo during what was known as the Mesozoic Wars. During there fight both where casting spells back and forth and attacking each other for years until Balsafas had made Vertigo weak, he saw his chance and banished her to the moon in a tomb and put a magic barrier on the Earth to disallow her to return. This caused the balance to fall out of place and thus all the gods where weakened and Balsafas also trapped them as well. Now millions of years after this battle and imprisonment of the gods humans became the dominant species of the Earth and ruled with many cities and technology. However a meteor known as the great fire smashed into the Earth causing the continents to rearrange in a cataclysm which also destroyed cities and killed many of the humans. The remaining humans where helpless due to their loss of technology and cities. However this cataclysm allowed the shields to come down on the gods who had re-awakened from there prisons to the Earth destroyed and that they are now in the new Urth. The gods saw the humans and wished to conquer them as well as the new Urth, the gods are now angry and are ready to RAGE!

Select Your Character

Select a character by clicking the image below, it will take you to a page where you can learn more about who the character is and also the characters special moves

The Urth (Stages)

The following is the Urth, it is what happened to the Earth during the cataclysm that occurs in the game. Click on any part of the Urth or click the names on the bottom of the picture to see what the stages look like and a breif discription of each stage.

The Inferno The Cliffs The Strip The Hollows The Cove The Ruins The Tomb Image Map
The Inferno | The Cliffs | The Strip | The Hollows | The Cove | The Ruins | The Tomb

Stages not pictured on map: