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Game: Primal Rage

Name: The Ruins

Owner: Chaos

Apart of Mainland: Yes

Chaos' stage is the Ruins. The Ruins is actually a city which due to the cataclysms and the rearrangement of the continents, is completely destroyed. In the background their are decaying and crumbling buildings all of which look like skyscrapers, moss covers the entirety of the buildings and many of them are leaning. In between that their is a river which separates the main city with the battleground. On the right side their are downed power lines one on the battleground and the other in the main part of the city. On the left side their is a decaying bridge on the other side with some of it being in the river and next to the bridge on the battleground is a beached cargo ship which seems to have washed up when the cataclysms caused the continents to shift causing the ship to beach.

How The Ruins looks on the Map
How The Ruins looks in game