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Name: Armadon
Gender: Male
God of: Life
Side: Virtuous Beasts
Turf: The Hollows
Color: Tan/Beige
Worshiper Clothing: Green
Armadon is a playable character in Primal Rage. He is one of the hybrid dinosaurs in the game being a cross between a Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Ankylasaurus. He is a tank like character with move that do a lot of damage but have much higher frame times because of his higher damage. He has a really high damaging move called the Iron Maiden which can take down a lot of health in a matter of seconds. Armadon is the god of life and wishes only to help the planet. Armadon has seen what has happened to the Urth he once knew, which is now rubble and destruction with no room for life. Armadon wishes to bring peace to the lands by destroying the other gods before the Urth becomes lifeless.

Special Moves:

Symbol Legend:

1: Button 1 | 2: Button 2 | 3: Button 3 | 4: Button 4 | U: Up | F: Forwards | D: Down | B: Backwards
So for direction UF means "Up-Forwards", DB mean "Down-Backwards", etc.



Final Version:

Armadon's Ending
Armadon's Ending Picture

Prototype Version:

For over a million years, Armadon had lived peacefully in his cave beneath the Earth's crust, telepathically linked to the biomass. The cataclysms and the battles for supremacy over the changing planet tortured him, so he rose up to settle things once and for all. Now that the threat has passed, he settles down into the ground to enjoy some well deserved rest. The land is scarred, but calm for now...