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Game: Primal Rage

Name: The Dino-Graveyard

Owner: None (Ver. 3.0: Necrosan; Speculation)

Apart of Mainland: No

The Dino-Graveyard is a graveyard to the many Dinos who have fought in battles not just the Dino-Gods. The Dino-Graveyard on the left side has what appears to be a tyrannosaurus skeleton which is on top of a mound. On the right side their is a mound of bones and humans and next to it in the background their is an open ribcage of a dinosaur, Each mound and the ribcage is lit on fire. The floor is covered in flames and is mostly covered in blood which stains the entire rock floor of the Dino-Graveyard. A vortex is visible in the sky. The stage if version 3.0 was not scraped would have been Necrosans stage which can explain all the dinosaur bones human piles and of course the vortex which could be where Necrosan came in from, however version 3.0 was never made and Necrosan was moved into the sequel, which also never came out.

How The Dino Graveyard looks in game