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Game: Primal Rage

Name: The Tomb

Owner: Vertigo

Apart of Mainland: Yes

Vertigos stage is the Tomb. The Tomb is the site of Stonehenge from the ancient world, however Vertigo after coming back to the Urth from her imprisonment on the moon she took Stonehenge as a place of her arcane arts. The Tomb is in the inner circle of Stonehenge and this inner circle reveals that Vertigo has had other opponents which she has turned into stone inside of the pillers of Stonehenge. They resemble apes, velociraptors, and tyrannosauruses and are on both the left and right side of the stage. Due to an unknown reason the sky has the moon showing in the Tomb forever, this could be because when Vertigo returned it left the moon in the Tomb.

How The Tomb looks on the Map
How The Tomb looks in game