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Game: Primal Rage 2

Name: Test Stage

Owner: No One. Who would own a test stage?

Apart of Mainland: It's not even on the map!

Actually Apart of the Game: Unknown, could be fanmade by GreenGeode (Read on for more info on this)

I actually don't know anything about this stage at all. This stage appears in some of GreenGeodes videos and well I have never seen it before. The stage itself is a cube with walls on all of the sides except for the one facing the characters. The entire stage is made up of the same texture, a white square with two black lines crossing to make them four white square and what appears to be the mask color being a gradient in the background. There are spaces between each of the white squares which allow for the mask color to be shown. I don't know how to access this stage at the moment or if it even is in the game at all. Before videos showcased this stage GreenGeode made a video showing that modding stages is possible and made versions of The Tomb and The Cove from Primal Rage 1. Hopefully I can find out if this stage actually is real or not. If this stage is real however, this means that the unused track is played, however only in this test stage.

Below is a video showcasing this stage for the first time in one of GreenGeodes videos.