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Game: Primal Rage 2

Name: Vertigo's Altar

Owner: Vertigo and Malyssa

Apart of Mainland: Unknown

Vertigo's Altar is a stage in Primal Rage 2 that goes unused in the 1 player mode. Originally planned that the stages on Old Urth would take place on the same stages as the Neo Urth stages except the Dino God's would own them at a different location on the same map. Vertigo's Altar takes place on the other side of the entire map in an unseen area on Malyssa's Altar. The stage shows the statue of Vertigo's head off to the right facing a different angle with a parts of crumbling walls and pillars all around the close background. On the left side there is a small enclosure holding a statue of Vertigo probably as a way the worshipers of Vertigo pay there respects to her. One of the Pyramids with the light coming out of it can be seen in the far background on the right. The stage goes unused because Vertigo's AI was never completed in this build. The stage also uses the music for Necrosan's Soul as the music for this stage was never completed. The stage has no place on the World Map and can only be selected through the 2 player mode stage select code.

How Vertigo's Altar looks in game