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Game: Primal Rage 2

Name: Slashfang's Pad (Unofficial Name)

Owner: Slashfang and Xiao Ming

Apart of Mainland: Unknown

The other unused stage in Primal Rage 2's files. Just like Diablo's Inferno this stage was found by GreenGeode and just like Diablo's Inferno the stage is not used at all. The stage looks like a zoomed out version of Xiao Ming's Pad, where the fight takes place very far away in the mountains. Xiao Ming's Pad can be seen in the background. It is unknown where the battleground would be or what it would look like because the texture for the floor has not been found yet, unless the fight takes place on the actual mountain areas that are found on the stage, however this is highly unlikely.

Below is a video from GreenGeode showing off the stages restoration and what it may have looked like in game.