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Game: Primal Rage 2

Name: Sauron's Seawall

Owner: Sauron and Arik

Apart of Mainland: Unknown

Sauron's Seawall is a stage in Primal Rage 2 that goes unused in the 1 player mode. Originally planned that the stages on Old Urth would take place on the same stages as the Neo Urth stages except the Dino God's would own them at a different location on the same map. Sauron's Seawall takes place on a mountain which can be seen in the background of Arik's Seawall off to the right in the very back. The stage has a large mountain in the background with Arik's Castle being to the right and the ocean off to the left. The stage goes unused likely due to the incomplete palette on the ground dust which looks to be in a rainbow color as it is trying to emulate grass and dirt flying up. The stage also uses the music in Shank's Maze also showing that the stage probably goes unused due to the music not being correct during the time of the prototype. The stage has no place on the World Map and can only be selected through the 2 player mode stage select code.

How Sauron's Seawall looks in game