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Welcome to the downloads page. This page will contain all of Urth Rage's downloadable files. Scroll down and download any file you wish to download below. If you have any problems with a download please let me know.

Primal Rage 2 Soundtrack

Click Here to Download
The Primal Rage 2 Soundtrack. This download contains all the music tracks in Primal Rage 2. Just download and unzip and listen to the Primal Rage 2 music in crystal clear audio quality. (NOTE: These files are MP3s)

Primal Rage 2 Sound Effects

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The Primal Rage 2 Sound effects. These are the sound effects in Primal Rage 2. Not too much else really. Download for use in like a MUGEN project or something.

Primal Rage 2 Cheat File for MAME4Rage2

Click Here to Download
This is a cheat file by me for Primal Rage 2 this cheat file contains some cheats that I have personally found for the game. Be sure to read the readme to know how to install.

Historical Downloads

These are the downloads of which are historical in purpose. Not really recommeneded to download but it's something for the curious to download and take a look at.

Primal Rage 2 Demos (Save States)

Click Here to Download
The old Primal Rage 2 Gameplay demo save states I created years ago for people to try out the game while I worked on fixing it. Download if you are really curious about them otherwise don't really bother just get MAME4Rage2 as you can play the entire game with that.