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Name: Vertigo
Gender: Female
Goddess of: Insanity
Side: Destructive Dinos
Turf: The Tomb
Color: Teal with Blue Stripes
Worshiper Clothing: Teal
Vertigo is a playable character in Primal Rage. She is a Cobrasaurus a hybrid dinosaur with parts of a king cobra. She is the Goddess of insanity. She is a sorceress from another dimension, she mainly uses Voodoo magic as well as her long tail. She has the longest reach in the game and can jump higher then the other characters. She also has the lowest attack damage, however she can be quite fast and the range can be very helpful for keeping the opponent at bay. She came from an alternate dimension who found the Earth back when it was young. Vertigo is the one to be banished first to the moon by Balsafas and she is the main reason for the fall of the gods during the Mesozoic Wars. Upon going to the Urth after her years in the tomb on the Moon she saw the humans and wishes to conquer them so they may build her a palace in multiple dimensions and to torture them all.

Special Moves:

Symbol Legend:

1: Button 1 | 2: Button 2 | 3: Button 3 | 4: Button 4 | U: Up | F: Forwards | D: Down | B: Backwards
So for direction UF means "Up-Forwards", DB mean "Down-Backwards", etc.



Final Version:

Vertigo's Ending
Vertigo's Ending Picture

Prototype Version:

Vertigo was banished centuries ago by the arch-mage Balsafas. The meteor crash, however, weakened the old shields enough for him to return and enslave the planet once again. Having taken control, he puts all the planet's humans into slave labor, and has them build a great palace in his image. He then settles back to enjoy the spoils brought back by his war patrols. One day, though, a devastated patrol will return with news of a land where he is not king...