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On this page you will learn about glitches for Primal Rage 1. This will include glitches from all versions so be sure to read which platform the glitch can be performed so you do the glitch on the correct platform. If you have any glitches that you want me to add please let me know.

Jumping Diablo Glitch

Instructions/Effect: You must play through as Vertigo until you fight off against Diablo. Upon winning the first round and knocking Diablo down walk up to him and do a Voodoo Spell, Diablo should now start jumping to avoid the Voodoo spell and you can still hit him. Keep on knocking him down and using the Voodoo Spell on Diablo until the music ends and when it does and Diablo is in the air he will fall through the floor and if gore is on, his heart will not explode. If you do this on the second round before he gets dizzy so you can perform a finisher you can get the finisher music to continue playing until you defeat another opponent and actually let the finisher sequence end correctly.

Wheres my Second Life Bar?!

Instructions/Effect: In the eat stage eat worshipers until you have 100% energy which normally would mean you would have 200% energy, however in version 1.7 you will never keep that extra life bar and losing your first life bar in the final battle will kill you instantly without going to the second life bar at all.

Diablo is Cheap!

Instructions/Effects: Using a six button controller go into the options menu and select "Six Button Controller Options" after selecting it go to Specials and select special 2 for z and special 3 for c this will make inferno flash and hot foot your specials for Diablo. After selecting Diablo keep pressing z to use inferno flash to roast your opponent over and over again making Diablo the cheapest character in the game (But only in the Genesis/Megadrive Version).

Blue Diablo/Character

Instructions/Effects: The Blue Diablo glitch is when a computer Blizzard uses an Ice Geyser on a player Diablo and quickly hitting you and doing an air throw. If you are lucky Diablo will stay an icy blue color but remain under your control. Problems you can encounter is Diablo changing color after being hit by Blizzard before the air throw or you stay blue after getting up from the air throw which turns you back into a normal colored Diablo. In the Final Battle this can also happen and it is extremely likely and works on other characters as well, however in the Final Battle if you lose and continue your ice blue color disappears.