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These are the glitches for Primal Rage 2. This game was never really finished so some of the bugs found in this game has more gamebreaking glitches then the first game. This game being a lot more rarer. I don't know if it would be wise to do gamebreaking glitches on a real machine, like at the Galloping Ghost Arcade, I don't know if the game will recover or if it will mess it up, although due to the way MAME work's I believe it can be fine but just in case, please don't do any gamebreaking glitches on a real machine. Pretty much only do these on a real machine at your own risk. If you are wondering why I am putting this, well it's so that I don't get held responsible for any damages to any real machine, if that happens through one of these glitches. These are here for purely educational purposes.

Get an Ending without Killing Necrosan

Instructions/Effect: Start a 2 player match and select Necrosan's Soul as the stage. When the opponent is dead make sure they game over before the game goes to the conquered lands screen. This will fool the game into thinking that it is in 1 player mode rather than 2 player mode and will show the Necrosan defeated screen alongside the characters ending.

Rage Morph Glitch

Instructions/Effect: When playing a game before your characters victory animation play you must rage morph into your second character. If done correctly your character will do their victory animation for the second character rather than the one you chose and before they can change back the second round begins so you then control the second character rather than the one you chose.

Teleporting Characters

Instructions/Effect: With Talon you can perform Pounce and Flip but make sure you don't connect with your opponent. Talon will run off screen without the camera following him. If done correctly Talon will teleport back to where he first start the Pounce and Flip move. With Necrosan just use Necroid Flight and fly off screen and press any button Necrosan will go back to where he started flying. This happens because the characters move past the the bounds of the camera zoom therefore the game puts the character that got out back into the camera so the camera doesn't get ruined.

Sinking Necrosan

Instructions/Effect: While in a match perform Necroid Flight and hold down until you're touch the ground, then press left and right repeatedly as you're pressing them Necrosan will start to sink into through the floor until he is completely through the bottom of the screen and only his shadow is showing.

Run Away Projectile is on the Loose

Instructions/Effect: With 2 shanks you should make both Shanks perform Bomb Dispenser and then right after both should perform Fart Rocket. If done correctly one of the bombs will not explode in a green cloud or one of the rockets will not have a flame and later resulting in this error screen. With 2 Necrosans its even easier, just make both Necrosans perform Vortex, the game will show this error screen afterwards. This error screen likely comes from the fact that the game has only so much memory in RAM for projectiles and too many projectiles can cause a memory issue causing the game to crash.

Necrosan Destroys the Entire Game

Instructions/Effect: While playing as Necrosan if you use his throws, either Life Suck Throw or Shock Throw, either too many times or at certain times during your gameplay Necrosan can take the entire game down except for the hud and background mask color for the stages. If this happens the only ways of fixing the issue is to wait until the round is over through a tie, if possible (or perhaps just wait till the round is over?) and let the game go back to the title screen before playing again, this will fix the missing elements which got removed. Another, quicker way of fixing this is to reset the game after it happens. Unlike what you may think the characters are not just invisible, they are completely broken and cannot attack, move, or do anything.

Necrosan Locks Up a Fight

Instructions/Effect: As Necrosan just perform a Rage Morph. Necrosan will glitch out and become translucent purple and will no longer respond to the players inputs. After which if he is hit he will come to however it is too late. Since the game still sees Necrosan as Rage Morphing the game will not proceed to the next round so whether Necrosan or his opponent shall win the game will be stuck on the round forever. The only way out is to reset the game.

Vertigo and Sauron Game Lock Up (Emulation Only?)

Instructions/Effect: When playing against Sauron performing Vertigo's Come Slither can have disastrous effects. Sauron is glitched when it coms to this move making him disapper mid-frames and appear inside of Vertigo. However when he sometimes reaches these missing frames he can take the whole game down with him. This happens randomly when using normal Sauron but can be forced by using Meta-Arik and changing into Sauron. When Meta-Arik is Sauron use Vertigo to perform Come Slither. This will cause the game to lock up however it will force close the entire MAME4Rage2 emulator with it! It is unknown why it does this. It will force close too if Vertigo is fighting normal Sauron randomly as well. A less severe version is when Meta-Malyssa is chosen with a normal Sauron, making Meta-Malyssa transform into Vertigo and performing Come Slither on Sauron will cause the game to crash and reset like any other normal crash in the game. Selecting both Meta-Versions of Arik and Malyssa causes the random nature to happen when both normal Vertigo and Sauron are chosen it seems. While Diablo also has the same issues with his Come Slither victim sprites he doesn't cause any crashes like Sauron does.