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My Creations

Welcome to my online creations. This will include many things that I have created and upload to the internet. Want a specific thing that I made like a program or file? You have come to the right place! Make sure to read everything carefully and then choose which you want!

Creations I Care About

MAME4Rage2: This is my favorite project ever! MAME4Rage2 is a fork of MAME that I made (Just the naming of it and creation of the Primal Rage 2 hard drive fix nothing more) and it's main focuse is to play Primal Rage 2, I mean it is MAME for Primal Rage 2 after all. If you want to download it the download is at Urth Rage on this site click the link to go there now.
Primal Rage Version X.0: My very first ROM hack to be published online. This ROM hack aims to add new functionality to the game such as new options, cheats, and more. Inspired by Mortal Kombat 2 Plus. Click on the link to go the info page and download link.
Primal Rage Hack Menu: My second Primal Rage 1 ROM hack. This ROM hack adds a new hack menu and training/practice mode. It also adds an ability to access the debug menu in game. Click on the link to go the info page and download link.

Archive Trash

Mugen Characters: I no longer host these characters instead this is an archive of what I have made instead so people know what I made and what is someone elses trash.