Why Create a Portal?

The reason you are reading this is because you want to know why I chose to make a portal site instead of two seperate sites like I did with Weebly. The reason why I created a portal is it makes it not only easier for me to orginize and create sites without having to go to one sites account and then another sites account. This way I can keep everything on one account and webpage. Also because multiple webpages usually have me favoring one site for another that's something I don't want anymore I want to make sure all of my sites are treated equally and not have one being the only site I work on. This actually hapened where my personal Weebly site was not updated like ever until I wrote down the info of it shutting down while Urth Rage was very active up until I hated Weebly and stopped updating it as well. I hope that this helps me cotinue to create my websites in a manner that I not favor only one site and that everything stays updated at a good pace.

So What do you Mean by Portal? What is a Portal to you?

I kind of feel like I need to explain this mostly so that everyone understand what I mean by a portal and a portal site. I call this a portal because of the way it is set up. The portal being the sort of "main hub" of sorts in which the user is able to select where they want to go. This is called the portal because I wanted to be creative with it. Usually sites nowadays don't have fun with having a site. Leaving it, in my honest opinion, incredibly boring. I want to have some fun with it and decided to call it a portal. A portal is pretty much a site which hosts other sites into one mega site, I am sure you know that but I just want to clarify. I called it a portal since like I said, I wanted to be creative with it, that's all that I really want is to have creative freedom on this site, complete creative freedom which allows me to create the site how I want. So in summary a portal is a mega site holding multiple sites on it and I called it that because I wanted to be a bit creative with it.

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