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What is this Site?

This site is going to be my new personal homepage similar to the old gruntzilla94.weebly.com and elite34.webs.com. I will be posting new information on to this site at a later date. The name is because this is my little corner of the internet if that makes sense. Hope t see you all soon when I get more information and stuff here later.

Why Make a New Site? Why Not Continue With Weebly?

The reason why I am making this new site here is that it gives me the freedom to work with something that Weebly and its competitors don't have. The ability to code HTML and CSS. I am a programmer and even coding something as simple as HTML and CSS is fun for me especially seeing a webpage becoming more and more intricate as time goes on. Not only does this give me the ability to code my own webpages but it doesn't have that annoying footer as well as not being as bloated and slow to load as Weebly and other easy site creation web pages are. Also the sites created with these are just sooo boring! I mean every web page I have seen on Weebly or when I used Freewebs now just Webs, they always look the same in the end. I mean no creativity, no way to express yourself, and many of those ways can be locked behind paywalls of large amounts of money just to get a small amount of freedom with the site you want to make. I mean come on! Some people just want to make a simple website that's where NeoCities comes into play. This is the best way to create a site ever! (In my opinion) It gives that creativity, the ability to create a site like you want to. By being free from a lot of the garbage other hosters I had used did. In short, it just works. I hope this answers any of those questions being given.

This Site has a Very Early 2000s Style to it. Is that on Purpose?

Yes, that is on purpose. I feel that back then not only where websites simpler but they also had a lot more charm and creativity to them. Doesn't mean there are no sites now that have similar creative looks and feels but nowadays alot of sites feel very, in my opnion, just bland. I mean usually sites nowadays seem to be copying off of each other creating boring looking sites, again in my opnion (I kind of need to stress that since I am sure someone likes the new site styles of today then older site styles). I want to sort of create a site based on sites that I would see when I was younger on the internet, they where so creative and unique, no two sites looked the same. I want to have one of those sites that sticks out, even if it's super simple and looks like a site that belongs on the original GeoCities. I really want to create this site with my way, which means opting for this simpler look. Could it be a sort of deterrent? Of course, but everything can be a detterent to anybody. Is this probably just nostalgia for me? Maybe a little, but this sort of layout is how I envisioned my site to always look. It may change, but I will try my best to make sure that it always looks like the site escaped the early 2000s that's just the way I want this site to be.

What to Look Forward To?

This website will be just my own place on the internet. I believe that if you want to see information such as info on what I may be doing, maybe even tutorials as well as maybe having some form of rants that I just want to type up and throw up on this site (Maybe one on Weebly?). I will even put updates and add information to projects that I may be working as well such as information on my Primal Rage 2 progress and hopefully put information on how to hack and modify Primal Rage 1 to some extents especially on palettes when I understand it a bit more. I will also try to just put general information on the site as well just anything that I feel relevant to add and only time will tell what those may be. I hope that you stick around and if you want bookmark the main Portal page aswell as maybe following the site on NeoCities if you are also on this site as well. I hope to give out some great content in the future for everyone on this site and all I can say is stay tuned!