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Primal Rage Version X.0

Welcome to the Primal Rage Version X.0 information page. This is a ROM hack aiming to add new functionality to Primal Rage such as new options and brand new codes and combos. The project aims to bring higher functionality and increase the amount of customizability by the player in the game. Such as allowing the player to choose if they want to play with certain functionality in the game on or off. An example being the Rage Modes which are only available in 2 player mode being available throughout the entire game or turned off completely and a joke option such as MAT2 Sauron, which is being able to play as the most broken of Sauron ever!
The following is the change log for the very first revision of Primal Rage Version X.0, this change log will be replaced with the most recent version of the changelog, with a full changelog for all versions found in the ReadMe inside of the downloaded ZIP file.

The following below is the download to Primal Rage Version X.0, remember to only download the game from this site, gruntzilla94.neocities.org and nowhere else, Team Rage X does not authorize other download sites.

Download Now