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Primal Rage Hack Menu

Welcome to the Primal Rage Hack Menu information page. This is a ROM hack aiming to aid new functionality in the form of a hack menu. This menu has currently taken over the attract mode, therefore there is no attract mode or title screen due to this. The hack itself currently adds the ability to run the debug menu and also have a training/practice mode available to users. The hack itself is great currently for labbing combos or trying to learn a new character without having to deal with a CPU opponent or having to deal with your opponent dying/running out of time in a 2 player match. This hack should work in MAME and in theory on real hardware, however as of writing this page, no one has currently tested the hack on real hardware. Be sure to read the readme included in the zip file thoroughly before using this hack in anyway so that you understand everything this hack has to offer, how to install, and also how to use it in MAME as well. Hopefully I can add new features to the hack menu in later versions. I hope you enjoy the hack!


Version 1

The following below is the download link to the latest version of the Primal Rage Hack Menu, remember to only download this hack from this site, gruntzilla94.neocities.org, as I only have authorized the download from here and nowhere else.

Download Now