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Mugen Characters

The reason you clicked this is probably because you are either interested in my Mugen characters since you probably like Mugen, or you are one of probably very few that like the characters I created. Well you can no longer download these characters. I do not wish to have the old website up any longer. So I deleted it all. I will still keep a list of the characters that I MADE because I want people to know what I have actually made and what is some idiot using my name for their own bullshit.

Character List

This list is of all the Mugen characters that I UPLOADED! There are a lot of characters which are sprite swaps, the laziest way to create a character since all you do is insert your own images and BAM original character. I mean its not like someone else did all of the work and you rode in on that other persons work and claim it your own. Anyways the characters in this list are characters I personally coded myself, no sprite swapping here. If the character is not on the list then it is not my creation and if it is not my creation it is someone elses shitty garbage with my name on it, because these guys where so incompetent they couldn't even be bothered to change a stupid name! ITS NOT THAT HARD! Anyways heres the list: