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Changes are Coming Soon | October 8, 2022

Why Hello Everyone!

Well it's been a while hasn't it? All I can say is, it's good to be back! I cannot believe for a whole year I did nothing on this website. A WHOLE YEAR! But hey, everyone needs a break here and there (even though this took way too long to come back to things). I think this was well deserved since I honestly really needed it. However especially due to my new hack which will be uploaded sometime either today or tomorrow (depending on when I can get the video companion done and looking as good as I want it to be).


Yes that's right, changes are coming. Mostly to how the website is designed and looks. There are some changes that I would love to do. First off, I want to change almost all of the graphics. Pretty much all of the graphics were done years ago on Windows when I didn't really dabble too much in photomanipulation. This caused the site to just be moreso, here is an image with some popped out letters from a font that I found. For the most part it does look interesting, but I want to add my own flair to it, make it more my own. I actually created the new portal logo on the main homepage and I gotta say I love the way I made it look and I am sure you guys will think so too. Also certain design choices just have to go, a lot of which is from Urth Rage, For instance I keep getting a black screen instead of the sky background on Urth Rage so I am considering removing the sky background, it might probably stay the same though. But a definite change will be the text on the page. This is something that is now really bugging me, since all of the text is centered on everything, this isn't a good design choice at all. So I will be definitly fixing it so that it is left justified and no longer centered as it is currently. For the most part it will just be cosmetic changes of which I am very excited to show off what I am making, so stay tuned for these changes.

Will There be New Content?

This is something I am definitly looking into. The site needs more content, hell I want to put more content on this site! so I need to look into some more stuff to put onto the site, especially Urth Rage, I need to post more information on that site since while I do have the main Primal Rage Version 2.3 and Primal Rage 2 pages, this doesn't cover everything else Primal Rage has to offer. I want to add information on the comics, the book, the board game, development stuff (for both PR1 and PR2), and much much more. I already have an idea of what I want to make content for on Urth Rage so definitly look forward to some new content there in the future. I also might be adding some new portals too. Maybe a technology focused one? I am considering it since there is a lot I want to write and talk about that I don't feel really fits in the current portals I have at the moment (Just one of the reasons I went with a website designed like this btw). Anyways only time will tell if I add new portal sites or not but definitly look forward for more Primal Rage content in the future!