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First Blog Entry | May 26, 2020

Ok so this is a first for me. A blog entry. Since I want to create a lot of content for this site including some odd things here and there I decided why not create some kind of blog in order to better get out what I am particularly doing incase I don't say anything elsewhere. Although this will be my main way of getting these forms of large updates out I will still post updates to my YouTube channel at youtube.com/user/gruntzilla94 I really want to post much larger updates here. I kind of want to make this a weekly thing but depending on if something really big happens you could see two or more uplodaded in a week. Now lets go over some key points about what I have been up to as of right now.

Where Have You Been?

Well that can go to just time. Due to university draining most of my time I couldn't find time to update or even do many personal things on the internet. Why? Because I was stuck in a rut, if I update and try to do what I want to do, such as work on personal projects like MAME4Rage2 and Primal Rage Version X.0, I would spend a lot of time on these projects neglecting university work, sadly this became very apperant very quickly mostly due to the fact that university projects became more prevelant especially the last semester I had. But with university done and over with I feel that I can come back finally. Which then leads into another question, why haven't I been doing much when university was over? I even said I would be doing more and I, sadly haven't delivered on the new content and I apologize for that. It boils down to being away from all of this for so long. You see when you stay away from something, in my case my personal projects, my YouTube channel, etc. you will sometimes lose your drive from working on these things, especially whenever you think about it too hard with this one question running through your mind, what if I dissapoint everyone? To be honest this is normal especially for taking away so much time to focus on something else, in my case university took too much of my time and it made me neglect everything else I did in the process. I want this to change, I just don't want to upload or do something every odd month or so.

Continuing in the Future

As we move into the future I want to be able to do many new things on the platforms I currently am on. I want to be able to upload more content and be more engaging with everything I do. This will be a bit hard due to again as mentioned in the previous section with the lack of drive but hey, you can always reignite the spark that originally brought you to make content in the first place. So I am doing just that, I will be setting up certain things here and there in order to help me go back to what made content creation so amazing in the first place for me, and that is to just have fun with it! I always wanted to keep everything about fun, the reason why I do anything online is for fun. So with this in mind I think that moving away from many bars that I set up will help me achieve this and will help me with working on personal projects as well! This means not just uploading YouTube content pertaining to just progress in hacking of Primal Rage 1 or emulation of Primal Rage 2 but again doing arcade playthroughs of these games and others such as some content I have always wanted to do such as a month of particualar uploads such as a Jurassic Park month where I upload a month of Jurassic Park gameplays as an example. I also had an idea many years ago (I believe it was lik 2010ish?) where I thought about uploading and discussing prototype games in order to show a progression in content as well as how the prototypes differ from the final version. I have always loved prototypes and still to this day play prototypes that have been dumped just out of curiosity and the fun of playing through a prototype. This could even go over unreleased games too. Also maybe there could be a month of Primal Rage, an entire month where I play and review every single port of the game? Who knows stay tuned to find out! This is how I want to continue for the future content however don't be saddened with no progress on my projects because those will still come! I don't want to stop with progress on Primal Rage 2 and Primal Rage Version X.0 I just want to upload more and just give out more content alongside those in order to flesh out everything going forwards into the future.

So, Whats the New Progress Anyways?

Well thats an issue because well I just haven't been working on anything the past few months. Sorry about that but I will own up to it being my own fault. I haven't toched anything due to university taking over my time and because I hadn't touched anything in so long I have fallen behind so far in progress of everything that I just kept things under hiatus. For now Primal Rage Version X.0 is still under hiatus however I want to upload a new version of MAME4Rage2, Version 4.0R1, this version is just a new revision of 4.0 running on a newer version of MAME which includes the watchdog for Primal Rage 2 setup which makes the game reset on its own when it crashes making it much closer to the original game and allows for users to not just sit in front of a screen waiting for something to happen after it crashes. That will be up this week, hopefully today if time is on my side that is. So that is what's going on with those projects right now.

Closing Thoughts

So with this said, I really want to get back into the groove of things and I can't do that without being a bit more consistent so I will defenitly do just that! Going with Primal Rage 2 playthroughs being a good start to come back onto and then, if I can actually go through with the content, have a Jurassic Park games month for June if not June then July. Streaming will also be something I will try to do more of, it might be at an odd time late at night but hey thats better then nothing right? (Night streams seem to be the only option I have since that is the only time I have to do it). I will also be uploading more on this site, so be sure to look for the next blog post next week Tuesday just like this one and other content coming soon. Thank you for reading this very first blog entry!